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Here you will find our monthly News Letter called the Spe-CSI-fier sent out to all members of CSI Nebraska.  If you are a recent member please check out the Spe-CSI-Fier's from the past.  We are in search of any past news letters not listed here. 

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Non-CSI  Sponsored Events

From time to time CSI receives requests from other oganizations in the industry about up coming events and we will post them to the website.  The events posted here are not CSI sponsored but may provide some benefit to select members of the Chapter. We do have some guides on what our limits on what is allowed to be posted.  We will post the flyer to the website as a pdf link and make a reference to the event or flyer in a newsletter or at a chapter meeting. After the event has passed the link will be removed.

Non-CSI Sponsored Events




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Newsletters after 2013 where swiched from pdf format to email style newsletters and no copy for the website was generated. 

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SPE-CSI-FIER is the monthly newsletter of the Nebraska Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute, which is distributed free of charge to all members and interested parties in the Nebraska area and to various CSI chapters nationwide.  SPE-CSI-FIER does not approve, disapprove, sanction or guarantee the validity or accuracy of any data, claim or opinions published in this newsletter.
The SPE-CSI-FIER will publish personal ads, help wanted ads, positions desired, announcements of new appointments and other notices of interest from Chapter members, advertisers and others (at the discretion of the Editor and on a space-available basis) free of charge on a one-time basis.  Please contact the Publications Chairperson for more information. Republication rights of any original articles appearing in the SPE-CSI-FIER is granted to other CSI affiliated publications, provide credit is given to the author and the Nebraska SPE-CSI-FIER.






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