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CSI is the national association dedicated to creating standards and formats to improve construction documentation and project delivery. It is the only organization focused on fostering better communication within the project team.

With 130 chapters and 10,000 members, CSI is the only professional organization who’s members span across all disciplines of the construction industry. The diversity of our membership brings wide-ranging perspectives; news on trends, techniques and materials; and fresh ideas—all to the benefit of our organization, our members and our industry.  Respected, influential, resourceful, CSI has been the trusted source for construction industry standards for more than 50 years and is certain to influence it tomorrow.
  • CSI is the only technical organization that integrates representatives from all of the construction industry’s disciplines, and brings them together to network and succeed.
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Presentation:                                  “Significant Changes in the 2012 IBC/IFC and City of Omaha Amendments”

Presenter:                                        Michel Mason, Accessibility and Life Safety Specialist, HDR Fire & Life Safety


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Presenter Bio:

Michel Mason is Certified ICC plans examiner and Fire Inspector I, having worked for both the cities of Omaha and Papillion’s building departments, and is a Code and Life Safety Specialist for HDR’s Fire & Life Safety Department. 


Learning Objectives:                      

  • Address the significant changes to the 2012 International Building Code and amendments by the City of Omaha.
  • Address the pending adoption of the 2012 Life Safety Code by the State Fire Marshal’s office and how this edition compares to the 2012 IBC Means of Egress requirements.
  • Discuss the potential impacts of these changes and resources available to help you in this transition.
  • Provide a brief overview of the City of Omaha Online Permitting Process.

Program Summary:

The City of Omaha adopted the 2012 International Building Code, effective June 29th, 2018, as an update to the 2006 edition. In addition the City has previously adopted the 2012 International Fire Code and is waiting for the State Fire Marshal’s office to complete their adoption of the 2012 Life Safety Code. As with any new code adoption, there are items that become either less or more restrictive, which in turn can greatly impact the cost of construction and lead to additional requirements. The goal of this presentation will be to focus on the significant changes from the previous code editions, and highlight how some of these changes may impact your design decisions. Additionally, there will be a brief discussion of the City of Omaha’s new online permitting process, local amendments and how to write an equivalency to use the 2012 Life Safety Code in lieu of the currently adopted 2000 edition and in parallel with the 2012 ICC editions. 



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